I would sincerely like to say Thank you to all the girls for coming out to this year Atom Wildcats tryouts. Your hard work, great skill and good attitude made this process very difficult. We took extra time to consider each and every player to make sure we picked the very best team that would grow and improve together as a unit over next 12 months.
Good luck to everyone involved in upcoming season 17/18.

Congratulations to 17/18 Atom Wildcats.

Gabriella Demarco

Maija George

Akira Steinberg

Katie Mason

Addison Hopkins

Lilly Rumiel

Olivia Gordon

Zara Zavoral

Beau Boudreau

Riley Pietramale

Mary Plastino

Makayla Robertson

Bryce Gagnon

Skylar Ruschpler

Bianca Biagini

Amy Clement

Alana Johnstone

Thank you
Vinny Z, Carl Rumiel.