I would like to thank all the girls who came and battled for a spot on the Midget A Wildcats. With so much talent to choose from in the Sault and area, it made for some real tough decisions. We want to wish the best to all girls and hope each will play at a level in 2017-18 that is both fun and challenging for them. Congratulations to all for their efforts this past weekend. The following is a list of the numbers the girls were given. If your number is listed below, then you are now a member of the 2017-18 Midget A Wildcats.
White #10 Kira Tangie
White #29 Mispon Martin
White #8   Madison Vernelli
White #3   Meghan Gerri
White #13 Sophie Thibault
White #2   Bethany Tummilo
White #6   Jasmine Pitawanaquat
White #33 Dana Templeton
Red #5    Branna Barban
Red #3    Abbi Benka
Red #10  Jillian Dawe
Red #6    MP Lecours
Red #11  Amy Carlson
Red #4    Tyra Giasson
Red #7    Sophie Ramsay
Red #27  Jaydin Zack-Fabbro
Coach Chad Tangie & Staff