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Sault Female Hockey Association Registration using ITSportsNet The SFHA uses IVRNet, or ITSportsnet, to enable it’s members to register for hockey seasons and tryouts. Unless you are brand new to SFHA, you will already have a user id (usually your email id) and password provided by IVRNet. If you forget your password, do not set up a new user id, please use the “Forgot Password” link.

See below for a How-To guide to IVRNet

Member ID

Most of you will be familiar with ITSportsNet from last season – you can use your existing login which is your email id. New SFHA families will have to create a Member ID in the Member Area by clicking on the “Sign Up” link. Follow the prompts to complete your member ID, create family member records and registrations (see below)

Create/Update Family

Once you access the system, you must create a family with at least one parent and a record for each child you will be registering. The system will search by family name, address and phone number for any records that may exist in the system already. Simply follow the prompts to attach existing, or add new members to your family. The system does not allow you to edit some information as it’s used for record-keeping purposes in the back-end system. If locked info such as your child’s name spelling or birth date is incorrect, please DO NOT create a new member to replace the wrong one! Contact [email protected] with your corrections and we’ll get it fixed.


From your Profile page, follow the instructions to register. You must select registration type from the dropdown arrow/menu. A blue “Register” button** will appear beside each child eligible for that registration type. Move through the steps as shown in the checklist, and complete each one.
**Attention – Parents who are trying to log back in to make their final payment** If you had logged in and already paid a minimum payment previously, and are having trouble making your final payment, try this: Log in. Click on the “House League…” category in the down arrow. Look at the RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN. There should be a GREEN button that says either “VIEW PAYMENT OPTIONS” or “MAKE PAYMENT”. Click on that. Next you would choose “ONLINE PAYMENT OPITON”. That should take you to the place to pay, and it will show what your balance is.


Common Problems and what to do about it:

·        I forgot my password – Simply click on the phrase “forgot my password” and it will be e-mailed to the email address associated with your name. You must use that system-assigned password for now until IVRNet updates our site to allow you to change your own password

·        I changed my e-mail addresses since I last logged-in – Not a problem, simply log-in with your old e-mail address, type in your password and you will gain access to the system. Before you do anything else, click on “Profile” and change your e-mail address and that of all members of your family.

·        I changed my e-mail address since I last logged–in and I forgot my password – Clicking “I forgot my password” won’t help here because your password will be e-mailed to your old address which you cannot access. In this case, e-mail the [email protected] and we will look it up for you.

·        I didn’t receive an email after “Forgot my Password” – See above. Also, check your junk mail, check your spouse’s e-mail.

·        The blue “Register” button does not show up beside my child’s name – Be sure your child’s information is complete and correct, including birthdate and gender. Use the “Edit” button to fix.

·        I receive “Couldn’t connect” or I get stuck during registration – The system will remember where you were if you get stuck or disconnected. All steps in the checklist must be checked (on right hand side of screen) before the process will complete. You can sign back in, from your profile select the registration from the dropdown, and you will see an active registration in the box on the right. Simply click on the continue button to complete.

·        If you have problems with online registration, please contact [email protected]


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