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All House League players will also have the opportunity to play together on our House Select teams, which will have additional practice times and competitive play away from home (exhibition games and/or tournaments). All players wishing to play Wildcats must register for tryouts.


The Sault Female Hockey Association (SFHA) House Select Program for the 2023-24 Hockey Season is an initiative aimed at providing further development and competition opportunities for U11 and U13 division players in the SFHA House League. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the program:

What is the House Select Program?

The House Select Program is a new initiative offered by Sault Female Hockey Association in the 2023-24 Hockey Season. The House Select Team will be comprised of SHFA House League players seeking extra ice time, aiming to advance their skills, and engaging in a higher level of competition. The House Select team will be allotted one additional hour of ice weekly starting the week of October 20th for the 2023-24 season. The House Select teams for this season will be named the Sault Female Hockey Association Wildcats and will be carded as C teams. These teams will have the opportunity to attend the OWHA Provincials in April 2024.

Who can play?

Players interested in joining the Wildcat team must also be registered in the house league and regularly attend house league games and practices.

How can players try out?

All House League players are eligible to try out for the Wildcat Team. Tryout ice times will be posted on the Sault Female Website Calendar in advance of the scheduled times.

How will teams be selected?

Each team will have a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goalies. To play on the Wildcat team, a player must attend all tryouts for her age group or receive an exemption in advance from the Wildcat coach of that division, which must be approved by the SFHA President and VP House League. Wildcat teams are designed as a higher-level development program for House League players, and team selection may reflect this intention at the discretion of the Wildcat Team coach and tryout evaluators for that division.

How many games and practices will there be?

U11 and U13 Wildcat teams are allowed to play a maximum of 10 exhibition games and 2 tournaments in addition to Provincials. The number of practices will be determined by the coach in consultation with the team and parents, considering the allocated ice from SFHA. Also note: Players may end up having two games/practices on the same day due to their participation in both the Wildcat team and the house league. Wildcat teams will not schedule games or practices that conflict with the house league schedule without consent from the SFHA Executive.

How much will it cost?

The SFHA fee per Wildcat Player will be $275. Please note: the Wildcat Team fee is in addition to the SFHA House League fees you are currently paying. The Wildcat Team Coach will create a budget for team fees, which will cover additional ice costs for exhibition games, tournament entry fees (including Provincials), referees, scorekeepers, etc. A rough estimate of the Team Fees per player is expected to be approximately $750.

Where are the schedules for the Wildcat teams posted?

The U11 and U13 Wildcat schedules will be posted on the SFHA Website.

***Please note that specific details and fees may change, so it's advisable for interested players and parents to refer to the SFHA website or contact the organization directly for the most up-to-date information regarding the House Select Program.